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Kim F, St. Paul, MN says...


"My life is truly richer for knowing and working with Laurie Moser.

The guidance she has given me are unmatched by other influences in my life.

The gentle teachings give me the wonderful opportunity to open myself

up to my true spirit. Learning to listen to my own inner guidance is my own

personal miracle. I live a more authentic, thoughtful and truer path of existence as a result.




Fran A., St. Paul, MN says...


"Laurie does very powerful work, but in such a light and playful manner that it is very easy

to connect with and learn from her. She is very clear in her teaching. "



Gayle M., Tomahawk, Wisconsin says...


"When ever I have worked with Laurie I have left with a warm glow in my heart. 

Her words help me remember and feel the vast love that surrounds us all 

as we do our life's journey. So often she has shift my despair into hope, 

renewed my patience, and inspired me to continue down my path." 



Heidi F., Minneapolis, MN says...


"The thing that most impresses me about Laurie's work, in addition to her 

compassion and true spirituality, is that she is able to determine what is appropriate

 for each individual and tailor her work to their needs."